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 Adjustment cones

DINO elastic adjustment cones from 50 up to 500 mm Ø
  • for steel and wooden formwork
  • in all common sizes from 50 - 500 mm tube Ø

Stainless steel magnets for steel formwork

DINO Stainless steel magnet 835
  • in in combination with our K-Series Cones

Sealing rubber for

  • Steel and wooden formwork
  • for stapling and plugging

False joint strip

  • flexible and quite easy to glue on the formwork

Recess-coverages (closing caps) in concrete grey colour

  • For covering unneeded recesses in binding beams and concrete columns
  • they are absolutely flat, available in standard sizes (your special sizes on request)
  • also suitable for painting and varnishing

Prices and delivery conditions only on request.