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Our articles have all been tried and tested for many years and have been specially developed to meet the requirements of the precast concrete industry.

They offer a noticeable relief and simplification within the application and with the requirements in the manufacturing and/or assembly.

The user benefits from an enormous time saving and at the same time the application result impresses with its first-class properties on your end products and thus for your customers in the precast industry.

The DINO adjusting cones and sealing rubbers are used in the formwork sector on both wooden and steel formwork.

The quality of the articles is very high, so that with the appropriate treatment both cones and sealing rubbers can be used in many applications, the costs can be reduced significantly and the purchase amortises quickly.

If you are interested, we will be happy to put together our samples for you to get a look and feel so that you can and imagine how effective an application can be in your company, for your employees and for your products.

It is not for nothing that DINO Baubedarf has distributed its more than 400 customers throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic.